Teeth Whitening

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Our Teeth Whitening Procedures

A great solution to achieve a brighter smile is teeth whitening. We have a variety of teeth whitening procedures and below you can find details about these procedures.


For a brighter, whiter smile without the wait, choose Opalescence, an in-office, chemically activated whitening treatment that offers results in less than an hour. It's ideal for people who want instant whitening gratification or those who have that special event coming up that requires a bright, white smile.

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Take Home Trays

If you avoid smiling because your teeth aren't as white as they could be, you do have safe and simple options to improve your smile alongside brushing and flossing. One option is a bleaching procedure that uses custom whitening trays to put that healthy look back into your mouth without the expense of costly, generic cosmetic treatment. Here's what you need to know about whitening your teeth with custom trays that are made just for you.

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If you are looking for any of these teeth whitening procedures at Depew New York, you can reach us at Gentle Dentistry of Lancaster. You can come to our office our call us to book your appointment.